Design is a portal. Enter in.


en.trance design, though pronounced /enˈtrans/, embraces both the noun and verb form of the word entranceEvery design created here, is intended to fill the viewer with wonder and delight while holding their entire attention. Through this captivation and attention, doors to the conscious and unconscious mind open, thus creating your access point as an establishment with a mission to share. en.trance design creates the portal between your vision and reality.



My design career commenced with a certificate in fashion design where I created my own line of handmade accessories while pursuing my first bachelors degree in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My science background helped me to establish structure and organization in my work flow to better manage multiple projects at once. However,  while working in the ecology field, I soon realized that I needed design to be at the forefront of my career, so I embarked upon my second degree focused on graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle, WA.

While in school, I started working as a graphic designer for Zoo Design Inc in Seattle, WA and I continue to contract work with the company to this day. In my freelance work, I take great pride in supporting small businesses in growth and branding by creating logos, websites, graphics, marketing materials, email marketing and more. Clients come to me for beautiful, original work and genuine, collaboration from a real person. I am on the board of the nonprofit organization, The Baby Buzz, offering graphic design and web support. en.trance design started as my passion project, and has proven to live up to its origin with every new project. 

I thrive in converting essence into a visual experience through focused listening and a keen eye for composition, color, and Gestalt. I revel in creating a visual experience from what was once a blank page and find "limitations" to be opportunities to push past the obvious and expected. Needless to say, I have made my niche in graphic design, where I find that a clever mind can open any door.