Baron Therapy & Testing
Logo update.
Riding Far
Logo redesign.
Red Hill Theatre Group
Logo design.
Rocky Road Excavation
T-shirt graphics.
WAIV Retreats
Logo design. Website.
Mindful Body with Soul
Logo redesign. Cover page. Website.
The Baby Buzz
Poster. Postcard. Program. Currency.
The Baby Buzz Conference
Website design.
Thrive Under Five- Pamela Haefner
Website design.
CTI Underground
Logo. Business cards. stationary. Uniforms.
Tallinn Zoo Tigers- Zoo Design Inc
exhibit rendering.
Priestess Works
Logo. Graphics.
Home Alignment
Logo. Flyer. Business cards. Banner.
The Baby Buzz Pop Ups
Graphic. Flyer design.
Zoo Design Inc
company logo.
Amazonia Exhibit- Zoo Design Inc
rendering. info graphics.
Jeremy James
company logo. business cards. brochure.
logo. product design. rendering.
Wolves in the Woods- Zoo Design Inc
exhibit renderings. elevation sketches.
Mama Bean
logo design.
WAZA- Zoo Design Inc
magazine cover image. info graphic.
Detroit Zoo Otters- Zoo Design Inc
exhibit drawing.
Silent Mutants Exhibit
exhibit rendering.
Ramak Chair
design. advertisement. rendering.
Sacrilicious Playing Card
cover design. product rendering.
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